Sasha and Pamela Kiss, March 10, 2006, SickKids Hospital
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The Sasha Bella Fund For Family Centred Care is a family fund at Sickkids Foundation setup by Sasha's parents Pamela Stein and Jonathan Blumberg in June 2006. The fund celebrate Sasha's life and supports hospital and unit initiatives that strengthen family-centred inter-professional practice, education and research at SickKids Hospital.

Sickkids' mission includes providing "the best in family-centred, compassionate care, to lead in scientific and clinical advancement, and to prepare the next generation of leaders in child health." Family centred care recognizes family diversity, ways of coping and their expert knowledge of their child. It recognizes that the family is a constant in the child's life and a permanent partner in care. It promotes the family and patient receiving care unbiased and timely information and effective family and staff partnership and collaboration. Family centered care increases patient and parent confidence and competence in caring for their children and themselves and requires effective communication between staff interprofessionally. Strong family-centred and interprofessional practices can improve patient safety, care outcomes and family satisfaction.

In support of this vision of patients and parents as partners in care, The Sasha Bella Fund has raised over $125,000.00 and consulted with SickKids families we met, doctors, nurses, allied professionals, administration and The Foundation to deliver almost $105,000.00 to selected programs and initiatives. Here are pictures of our November 2009 Fun Day fundraiser and the 2008 Sasha Bella Walk.

Sasha Bella Fund For Family-Centred Care donations at Sickkids Hospital

  1. $2,000.00 for the first two recipients of the Sasha Bella Award for Excellence in Family-Centred Care Labatt Heart Centre, Nursing Week, March 2007
  2. $175.00 purchase of stroller for Heart Centre because Sasha loved her strolls within the hospital
  3. $1,000.00 grant to Palliative Care to fund a parent reading kit
  4. $5,000.00 to sponsor SickKids first Inter-Professional Practice Education Week, November 2007 Read more
  5. $3,000.00 for a mural to give the 6A Beanstalk Occupational and Physical Therapy program a home in the Labatt Family Heart Centre
  6. $5,000.00 toward expanded Palliative Care therapeutic art, music and clown program - read Sickkids Palliative Care activity report 2006-2007
  7. $5000.00 for a Child Life "Sing! Move! Play!" Child-Parent Music Group with Treasa Levasseur (who donated her energy, expertise and time for one year)
  8. $5,000.00 to support the new family care committee in the NICU (intended for parent stipends, family-centred books, web tools, social work writeup of the advisory committee etc)
  9. $2,500.00 support for Sickkids 4rth Annual Partners in Pediatric Patient Safety Symposium for 10 bursaries, parent speaker and prize for best family centred patient safety articleRead more
  10. $2,000.00 for the second two recipients of the Sasha Bella Award for Excellence in Family-Centred Care Labatt Heart Centre, Nursing Week, March 2008
  11. 2nd Sasha Bella Fund walk raises $60,000 for Sickkids Foundation with the generosity of 500 donors / sponsors, June 2008
  12. Launched editable Team for Research with Adolescents and Children in Palliation and Grief website that links researchers, families, policymakers and clinicians, October 2008
  13. $5,000.00 to the new Innovation Fund in Palliative Care Research to be matched by Sickkids, November 2008
  14. $2,000.00 to Interprofessional Excellence Award that recognizes an outstanding Sickkids team with books and a group trip to a nearby spa for 'care for the care giver'
  15. $3,500.00 first Interprofessional Practise Award - presented at IPP symposium to Genetics & Metabolics Team, Nov 2008
  16. $3,000.00 for Nursing Excellence Awards -2 individual nurse awards, 1 team award, May 2009
  17. $2,500.00 to Partners in Patient Safety 5th Annual Pediatric Patient Safety Symposium for family partnership prize, June 11, 2009
  18. $10,000.00 to Family Centred Care Advisory Council, June 2009
  19. $5000.00 for SickKids inaugural Paediatric Palliative Care Research symposium, October 2009
  20. $5,000.00 for The Innovation Fund in Palliative Care research, October 2009
  21. $2,500.00 for Rehab toys and tools, December 2009
  22. $12,500.00 to support the Cardiac Critical Care Unit staff training in accountable family and peer communication, 2010
  23. $2,500.00 for family picture cabinet in CCCU, 2010
  24. $2,500.00 to Partners in Patient Safety 6th Annual Pediatric Patient Safety Symposium to support family speaker and poster prize, June 2010
  25. $2,500.00 for NICU nursey rhyme and story book to support family-child bonding, It Was Midnight on The Ocean, August 2010
  26. $5,000.00 for 2nd annual Palliative Research Symposium, September 2010
  27. $5,000.00 for The Innovation Fund in Palliative Care research, November 2010
  28. $2,000.00 for Sasha Bella Family Centered Care Excellence Award for a nurse and interprofessional staff May 2011
  29. $5,000.00 for 3rd annual Pediatric Palliative Care Research Symposium, October 5 2011 with Dr. Joanne Wolfe
  30. $5,000.00 for The Innovation Fund in Palliative Care Research, November 2011

Presentations and related

  1. Pamela and Jonathan spoke at a Palliative Care workshop for doctors in the Cardiac Critical Care Unit about talking directly with families about dying and death
  2. Participant at the Labatt Family Heart Centre retreat, December 2007 Read more
  3. 45 minute presentations on strategies for working with parents for Heart Centre interprofessional practise education days, Jan-March 2008
  4. Participant at the Interprofessional Practise retreat, February 2008 focused on the Interprofessional and Family Centred Care documentaries and the Family Advisory Committee Review 2007 Read More
  5. At the request of parents, arranged an NICU - parent family centred care brainstorm, February 26, 2008 that brought together 12 staff and 4 parents and a submission by another NICU family
  6. 15 minute presentation to A Best Practise Spotlight session entitled Principles and Practises of Collaborative Communication, March 2008
  7. Interview for Sickkids educational documentary to promote Interprofessional Practise and Family Centred Care at Sickkids Hospital
  8. Brainstorm with Sickkids Palliative Care about family fund support for the Palliative Care Service, April 2008
  9. Participated at Mount Sinai NICU Parent-Buddy Training with Sickkids social worker Laurie DeOliveira to learn about application at Sickkids, April 27, 2008 Read More
  10. Request to add mural signs to new Palliative Care offices in the basement (which people get lost trying to find) was turned down for now
  11. Presentation on parent perspective on Interprofessional Practise at a palliative workshop, Nov 2008
  12. Jonathan Blumberg, Sasha's dad, volunteers on Family Centered Care Advisory Council (FCCAC)
  13. Sasha's story appears in National Film Board of Canada documentary Grief Walker on the palliative interventions of Stephen Jenkinson, summer and winter 2007
  14. Brainstorm with Ability Online as they prepare to redevelop their patient, family bulletin board, summer 2008
  15. Presentation to the Toronto Central Palliative Care Network, Mt Sinai Hospital, May 2009
  16. Presentation to the Toronto Central Palliative Care Network State of The Union Plenary, Mt Sinai Hospital, May 2009
  17. Presentation to Patient Safety Symposium June 2010
  18. Presentation to Bereavement Committee retreat reviewing palliative care practise across SickKids, June 29 2010
  19. Volunteer member of Families in Partnership for Patient Safety committee, SickKids, July 2010
  20. Volunteer member of Toronto Central Palliative Care Network pediatric subcommittee, July 2010
  21. FCC-AC member presentation to Centre for Nursing new nurse orientation, Sep 17 2010
  22. 'Sydney's Spot' presentation at CFAN (Canadian Family Advisory Network) Worshop, October 17 2010, 'Celebrating Sasha and Stories of Family Engagement at SickKids Hospital: 2006-2010'
  23. Presents at the first SickKids Liver Program Family Day on March 2011 on Sasha's and her family's experience and facilitate a parent support breakout session with Dr. Binita Kamath
  24. Participates in the Canadian Family Advisory Network's Annual Workshop on October 16th, 2011 in Ottawa

We are grateful the fund resonates with parents like Jonathan's mom Janis who wrote on their blog:

"After much research and exploration and talking with people at the Sick Kids Foundation we have found the Fund that I think addresses the same goals and priorities that Diane and I have for helping to affect change at SickKids. It's called the Sasha Bella Fund and it's named after a beautiful little girl named Sasha Bella Stein-Blumberg. Her parents set up the Fund after she passed away in June 2006. They do great work, particularly in encouraging family-centred care in the intensive units of Sick Kids, encouraging family centred practice on the general units, advancing palliative care and support for parents and promoting interprofessional education. It's a fund and a cause we are proud to support and we encourage everyone to take a closer look."

We look forward to working with Janis, Diane and Jonathan on NICU initiatives.